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The Importance of Godly Friendships!

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Connie Javier & Lavoice Drayden #divinefriendships since 1990

God created us for fellowship, this is one of the reasons our hearts longs for friendship and companionship. As much as we desire it, our Father delights even more in providing it. Friendship is multi-faceted (someone or something with many features or perspectives to consider), and we must choose to not limit or disregard how God wants to encourage us through others!
Remember, two are better than one!


Do you have those special people in your life, the ones who makes you smile and LOL? Those who love you enough to be honest with you, even if it's hurts your ego? Maybe it's a relative, like a sister, perhaps an aunt, a cousin or just a divinely appointed friend. That person who truly takes time out to get to know you, to lend an ear with no under lying motives other than developing a lasting friendship while allowing you to be the real you? We all need those special someones who will encourage us, hang onto to us and not let go. Those who see the best in us, all though we are still in recovery ("recovery", one of my other dear friends shared this recently and it seems fitting for this post) especially when it seems like nothing is going right and we just can't seem to find our way through or out of a trial or circumstance. Those who will not give up on you, even when at times, we may give up on ourselves, but we can hear them saying, COME ON! Continue to grow and press on! You got this! You can do this!

Just like flowers planted in the garden, we too, go through cycles of growth and it's important that we're watered, fertilized, as well as pruned. Remember, pruning is necessary in order for fruit to be produced in our lives. God's Word is a spring of Life and we should be watered by it daily along with receiving encouragement from one another. As we remain open to receiving truth, renewing our minds, seeking godly wisdom, and, most of all, continue to discover who God created us to be we will be able to look back over our lives and see just how much we've grown.

I know it's God's desire for us to sprout and bloom, receive seedlings and release seed into the lives of others!


We want to hear from you, what are your thoughts, how can we encourage you today?

We're listening!

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